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Modular construction and the myths Debunked

Modular construction and the myths Debunked

Modular buildings can be used in a range of settings, including on school and university sites, to quickly and efficiently expand the number of classrooms or offices that are available.  Often schools will use Pallet Racking Ireland products in there schools for PE or for the playground to give it a little more interest. rackzone pallet racking is a great quality product and will be of benefit to most companies. Some people have certain misconceptions about their use. Here is a look at some of the most common ones and the benefits of modular construction.

Are they of a high quality?

Modular buildings need to comply with the same regulations as sites constructed using traditional techniques and are therefore built to the same level of quality. The materials that are used, such as steel frames, are also the same but have been constructed offsite to speed up the process. Many companies supplying bespoke education buildings will provide a 25-year warranty on their modular units, which can be expected to last for more than 100 years.

Can they be permanent buildings?

Modular construction is often used to provide temporary buildings, such as at Glasgow University, but the quality structures can be deployed permanently if required. They are built around a steel frame, which creates a quality structure, but the fact that it is pre-built in a factory speeds up the construction process.

Has their use been proven?

Modular buildings can be touted as a new concept when they’ve actually been around for many years and their quality and durability have been proven, with buildings that were built decades ago still in use.

Are the potential cost savings exaggerated?

When schools are considering the use of bespoke education buildings, such as those manufactured by http://www.educationspaces.co.uk/, they might think that the potential cost savings that are suggested are not achievable. The main benefit of modular construction is that it can be finished much quicker as the factory environment reduces delays caused by bad weather. This lowers overall project costs. Sites can also see a reduction in maintenance costs as the design of these units is more efficient.

How sustainable are these buildings?

The use of offsite construction reduces the environmental impact of the process, as the amount of time spent on site is less and all the waste materials are separated and then recycled. To enhance the environmental benefits even further, elements such as solar panels can be built into the units to give it an A rating, but a B rating can typically be achieved as standard.

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  • October 21, 2019