Phishing Scam Alert! : RocketLeague

Phishing Scam Alert! : RocketLeague

Alright, after googling, this is not new; however I really do want to listen to it so others could learn from that and stay while gambling. I got a little small surprise. I got a message from somebody else on my friend’s list; however, I had been mid-match so I could not test it. I hear like 3 message seems while coming back to the last 50 minutes of the match and we score and deliver it! Because the sport is intense, I haven’t checked my messages. In OT I receive two message alarms! So I’m thinking”. This individual wants to speak to me” I really don’t know anybody that would junk messages once they could see I’m in a match. I check my messages and lo and behold, a buddy I’d encounter some comp games with previously is currently asking for some help using a tournament. They guaranteed to divide 3000 credits.

I guessed, probably it could be divided 3 ways though something, and 1000 credits are far better than double credits, so what the hell. I clicked on the link and was led to an ESL appearing site. Looked for the bracket guided and clicked. It caused a display saying when I wished to join a tournament Rocket League Credits; I had to Subscribe / Login. I got an enormous red warning screen telling me the site was flagged with activity, upon clicking the link. If I’d known the man maybe I’d have, but what in my gut told me much better safe than sorry, so I explained I’d pass and it just dumped. Because I know it is a thing after I googled the true ESL Gaming website, and it did not have some matches, teams, or even the mounts.

I followed up with a record ticket to the site of Rocket League. The blend of the degree of the game I’d been in, along with the seeming texts that are barbarous got me scammed. Hopefully there’s something that you can learn in my discussing this. All you and if not, at least it attracts attention to this phishing scams in general Rocket League gamers could be safer. IT’S DEFINITELY A SCAM if they’re a priest and need to send money to you! Hopefully this isn’t a buddy acting in a way, but instead, a hacker who got hold of the account and is currently phishing through their friend’s list. In any event, I think that this ought to be brought to light into the neighborhood so you all can stay secure.

  • January 24, 2020